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Is This Love Wrong?

I wasn’t doing anything so complicated to suddenly arrive on a thought like this. Simply randomly going through my mind led me to this horrible question I wouldn’t dare ask. But I wanted an answer. It’s not that I am in a situation which makes me ask this question by posting a whole blog on this but I do not know why I feel like I need to know it! So here’s a set of questions for you guys to answer that may boggle up your mind (So stay aware!)

Is it bad to get out of a relationship just because you are interested in another partner and not so much in yours? Or should you just forget all “bad” thoughts in you mind and just focus on your present “happy” relationship? Now some of you might say that it depends upon the circumstances, whether the current relationship is going well and whether the present partner treats with all respect and love. Let’s suppose a favorable situation! So let’s take up a story….

Let’s assume there’s this lady named Summer who’s in love with the most flawless guy Sunny. They talk, laugh, cuddle, smile, fight, share. But slowly both gets busy in their lives and the bond seems to go loose. While Summer comes across a guy, who she begins to somehow like. She doesn’t want to accept the fact at all cause she thinks it will make her a “cheater”. Her bond with Sunny gets weaker as time passes. It’s not their fault but the fault of time. They both love each other immensely yet they are so separated! Summer feels totally confused. Will she be a “cheater” if she walks away cause she likes the other guy? Does she like the other guy or is it simply a phase? Is she allowed to like the other guy? Should she walk away or should she discard these “shitty” feelings and “try” to be well again with Sunny?

These are my questions to the reader. Requesting with all my heart to type what you feel in the comment section. Also, press that little like button. It makes Summer feel happy. 1 like = 1 bite of happiness for Summer!

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8 thoughts on “Is This Love Wrong?

  1. If Sunny and her are drifting apart, but she loves him, she needs to decide which is more important? An attraction to this guy or someone she says she loves. If the attraction is stronger, then let Sunny go. You can’t be a cheater if you don’t cheat. Leaving someone for someone else (who you waited to do anything with until you tell Sunny it’s not working), is not a criminal act. It’s life.
    Suggestion: Talk to Sunny, tell him what’s going on. You two can discuss maybe it ending if he feels the same, or maybe trying a little harder. But don’t hurt someone that you love because your hormones kicked up with a cute boy who is otherwise not distanced from you due to circumstances.
    Also, the attraction could be because the feelings for Sunny are changing. You can still love someone but not be interested in a romantic entanglement. Figure that out too. Are you looking because you’re not interested in Sunny anymore, or is it just because one is there and the other one is not currently available.

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  2. This is a great question!
    I don’t know much about love, but I’d say that she should be sure what she wants and who’s more important. If she loves Sunny, she should try talking about how she feels about their distance.
    However, if her love for Sunny is waning, she should feel free to go for the other guy.
    She’s not a cheater if she doesn’t cheat. Leaving is not cheating, it’s just part of life.
    Very thought provoking!

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  3. People can fall out of love, however sustainable relationship should have friendship, care, respect. You will never feel the same love you did right at start. You wish to spend decades with the same person, mere love cannot sustain you!

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  4. I think Summer should have a good talk with Sunny and see where their relationship is going. If it is a serious one or a fling. If they are growing apart because they really don’t want to be together or because of circumstances beyond their control. Sometimes its easier to get tempted by someone who will give you more attention, but you have to way up the consequences, Will the new suitor be a serious one, is he just looking for fun and will discard you when he is finished? Don’t give up on a good relationship because someone new and exciting has entered the picture. First see what is the real deal and what is not before you make a decision that is a serious one.

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