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A Dark Void

Can a little touch of air carry all miseries away? Maybe not forever but for a few minutes? I think it can. A breeze has so much power in it. Currently my area is under a load shedding for quite a few hours now and that’s nothing to be shocked about here! It’s quite normal for us to face situations like these during most parts of the day. And the electricity seems to have an inborn enmity with rain. As soon as a single drop begins falling, the whole area will be under an enormous trap of load shedding! This strongly reminds me of one of SRK’s famous dialogues, “Bade bade saharon me choti choti baatein hoti rahti hai!” (Big cities often face small problems)

Currently it’s around 2 a.m. and I have just packed up with my studies. I live on the 2nd floor and my window looks into the street ahead and into some people’s windows. It’s literally complete dark outside. Not many people love to switch on their lights in my area and not at all when there’s already a load shedding! People here follow the “Early to bed, early to rise” policy very strictly. The only thing I can see right now is the darkish orange sky, which is due to the feeble light coming from some distant powerplant, and the outlines of all buildings standing like monsters into the distant darkness. It has been raining the whole day. Though now only a strong chilled breeze touches every inch of my skin.

It feels so serene at night. Thinking of the fact that I am the only soul awake (except for the dogs) makes me feel good. The breeze adds to the serenity of the night hour, so calm! I sometimes love to simply sit down and look into the darkness. I do not get much chance to go outside, maybe once in three months or so. Every night, when the light’s gone and a magical breeze takes me to a different world, I feel to live again. As if to shed my current life and live a new one, in a new way! When this terrible time passes, I would never want to look back into this time of my life but maybe it’s the most changing turn I will ever have!

I can’t explain the beauty of this darkness. If you ask me, it’s literally black. No light, nothing at all to see, but still it’s the most beautiful. I don’t know why! Maybe sometimes a “void” is all we need!

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2 thoughts on “A Dark Void

  1. I totally understand seeing beauty in the darkness. Thank you for sharing these magical words and your love of a simple thing like a black sky!!! Amazingly done, yet again 🤗🖤


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