He’s The Craziest Ever

Quite a few days ago, I talked of a friend. Yeah! The CRAZY one, you guessed it right. So as I was thinking on what to write upon and eventually could find nothing useful, I decided to divert my mind, writing some friendship stuffs. So stay tuned till the end…

Now this guy, whom I had named “Mike” in my blogs, is truly the craziest person I have ever seen! A week ago, we were randomly talking on useless stuffs (You know when there’s too much time and you have no idea what to do, you can obviously get hold of a crazy friend to talk over crazy stuffs). And I never knew the casual talk would turn into a conflict and the conflict was so long lasting that we did not talk for a week or so. Though, I literally didn’t get a time to think upon it cause I had my exams coming one after the other but as a highly “Dedicated” guy, it harmed Mike a lot (or atleast he said so). He told me today (Yeah I finally talked to him after a week but that too had a reason which I will explain step by step) that he used to sit with his books and his whatsapp open and ofcourse my chatbox open to see if I was online. But as unfortunate as he could be, I didn’t bother to open my whatsapp for about five days maybe (See I was so busy!). He told me, he went around asking friends if they had a talk with me (What a ridiculous idea Mike!) and atlast, with every drop of disappointment, he decided to shut down his whatsapp forever! He went so crazy that he even wished to take up a new SIM card and throw away the old one (Now these behavior proved his craziness with utter success) .

Today evening, I suddenly saw a notification pop up on my WordPress. Somebody has followed me and just by the account name I knew it couldn’t be anybody except him. I straight away whatsapped him. At first he denied (Cause he could understand his craziness has gone too far) but when he finally gave in, it was his not-so-authentic reason that made me mad. He said, “It wasn’t because of you but because I too wanted to write something that I opened a WordPress account!”. I said, “Don’t fool me cause I have been on this platform for three months! Where do you plan to write? You don’t have a site, buddy!” which made him finally give up.

How crazy can a friend go! Haha…I sometimes feel like bursting when I see such acts. I know I am still his crush but that doesn’t change a friendship in any way. Yeah! I have friend-zoned him ages ago. Poor fellow! But he’s a nice guy and has left complaining about it. Now what’s wrong in friendship? It’s better.

[P.S: He wished to take down his WordPress account but I asked him not to, rather he would be liking my posts daily from now on! Good job Skylinerise!!!]

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4 thoughts on “He’s The Craziest Ever

  1. What a funny story, my friend! Thanks for sharing…I was thoroughly entertained! On the bright side, he does care about you and that’s such a special thing to have in a friend! Funny about WordPress though, good job you for making him stick around! Keep shining and sharing 🙌🏻🖤🤗


  2. I would say you are super crazy than him 😜 that’s so funny but soo sad that you listed him as a friend while he was crushing on you. He seems good listening to you like good boy ha…


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