Where Did I Loose It?

Teenage, a state of total confusion, disintegrity, emotional imbalance, imperfectness and all other worst adjectives you can ever think of. This is the stage where you would probably be hated by everybody cause they too do not have a choice. You aren’t as adorable as a baby that they would Aww, looking at you, neither you are grown enough that people will begin to respect you. On some occasions you would be considered a child, especially when you parents want you to obey them and at some other times you would be considered a grown up, especially when people would love to remind you of your useless responsibilities. Yes! That’s the teenage, a typical time!

Now this teenage haven’t been like this forever. Centuries change, people change, behaviour and rules change and so does the way of life. Life has turned too complicated over the years than it was a couple of decades ago. The rush, the urge to get more, the mentality to always beat someone and walk ahead, has destroyed it all! No, it isn’t bad but too much of anything is. In our daily life we hardly have a time for pause, to sit down and love ourselves, to think of our happiness.

Now I have a question here. Why is there so much rush? What do we exactly want from life? The answer upon which most of us will agree is, for prosperity and a happy life. But where is the happiness among all this? Not being able to vaguely look at the sky, to sit down and simply chill, to have a vacant mind for a few minutes, to think of nothing for just a few hours, to just relax and take deep breaths, to sense a feeling of serenity, not being able to do what makes us happy, is it the definition of happiness?

I want an answer to these questions. Maybe you guys can help me out. I feel, rushing in search of happiness has ultimately led us to loose it far behind. What do you feel?

Now I am disappointed with you guys cause you hate to press that like button. Do it cause it makes me happy! 1 like = 1 drop of happiness for me!

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9 thoughts on “Where Did I Loose It?

  1. Enjoy my drop of happiness! I feel like being a teenager peaked through the 70’s to 90’s. Before then there was an expectation to become a productive member of society upon leaving school, and since then there’s the impossible pressure of living up to whatever social media dictates. I became a teenager in 1996, and it was still simple then. No pervasive internet, no kids with mobile phones, just a few channels on tv. I do miss those days!

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    1. Thank you so much sir. I am so glad you liked my post, it really makes me happy!! I am a teenager now and I find it too difficult to see how the world is now. I sometimes feel to escape to those old times when tere wasn’t any rush. People were happy and the world was in peace. I wish I could go back sometimes to see how old times were😊

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  2. Perfect post, my friend. I totally agree with you on what you say about happiness…so wisely said and so very true. I think we sometimes forget the joy in the simple things life offers. Just waking up every morning is such a gift. I believe the rush comes from panic and fear…we sometimes don’t even realize the fear is there. “The rush” is just time’s cage. And sometimes we forget time is simply an illusion. Thank you for this thought provoking and authentic post! Keep fearlessly speaking 🖤🤗

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    1. Thank you so much my dear friend. I am glad you liked my post. It really makes me so happy! Yeah, we often forget to admire little things that surrounds us. In search of greater happiness we leave some moments that are truly wonderful. I hate rush. Sometimes it feels if I could go back in time decades before I was born and live that life when rush wasn’t a thing. 😊😊❤❤🤗🤗

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  3. Rushing or racing through things is not limited to teenage, so I am preparing you for life ahead 🙂 it’s a personal choice. Some like the hustle, some like the peace. Some like to race, if you don’t like just choose to not run the race. You will be judged, mocked, insulted but if you really want it, it should not matter. Because the happiness that comes from it will offset it all 🙂


  4. This is so true. We chase happiness so much that we lose it in our pursuit. I guess we should find time to just do what we really love. For our mental health.
    And I left a drop of happiness for you.

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  5. This is soo true you penned it soo perfectly dear one.

     In our daily life we hardly have a time for pause, to sit down and love ourselves, to think of our happiness.


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