Hello my dear readers! It’s been a couple of days posting my last post but that isn’t my fault. It’s the issue with every teenager, EXAMS! I had no sleep for the last two days and my eyes are as red as berries. It wasn’t because I was studying the whole night that I couldn’t sleep but because of the excessive temperature and tension. I have a terrible habit of always putting on my blanket whenever I lie down. Even in 50 degrees, I can’t sleep without my blanket (Not even with it at that temperature!). Last night was a nightmare. I couldn’t sleep at all. I tried hard but as if my brain wouldn’t bother to fall asleep at all. Today I had one of my entrance examinations and the examination center was back in my town. I was so happy to travel there after two long years. So much has changed! It looks more like a city now! I even met my friends (though a really short meeting it was, but I swear, it was the best).

The highway takes almost an hour to reach my town. The examination was supposed to commence at 11 a.m. sharp and reporting was at 10:30, so I had to be out by 9 a.m. (you just can’t trust the traffic in India). For the first two hours, from 11 to 1, we had our mathematics paper and believe me, the questions must have been set by God himself! It was freaking tough. I slayed my head for the two long hours after which we had a mini break of half an hour. We were ordered to be back again to the examination hall by 1:30, the next set of exam commenced at 2 p.m. We had our Physics and Chemistry papers for another two long hours (2 to 4). I am quite an expert in Physics, could solve most of it. Chemistry wasn’t bad as well. Overall, like every engineering entrance examination, this too was a head banging one!

After four long hours of cracking my head, I was finally out of the center. I met my friends (coincidentally ofcourse!). I met my childhood bestie, she’s a sweetheart. Going back to my town made me feel nostalgic. So lovely, so serene. So many memories tied to that single place! I didn’t feel like coming back, but I had to. Caged within my four walls for over one and a half years now, it was the first time I went outside after so long and believe me, I never felt the sky to be so huge as I did today. I was mesmerized, “Was the sky forever this eternal?”. I never did notice when I was free to run beneath the clouds. As if there was a magic in every moment. Going out was such fun! I can’t now. For most of the time it’s just me and my walls and that has been the case for the past 1.5 years. Though the tough cranky questions did eat up my heard, but the nostalgia brought a bliss….

Got a series of exams ahead, so won’t be able to blog for some weeks maybe. If you guys could sense my “nostalgia”, put down a like! And pray that my head gathers enough courage to fight those brutal papers!

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4 thoughts on “Nostalgia!

  1. Aye! So happy you got to go back and meet people you love even for the shortest of time. It matters. It rejuvenates us 🙂 keep studying hard and don’t worry about here! So glad to see a happy post from you!

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  2. Felt so nostalgic reading this post. Very relatable thought- going back home, meeting childhood friends, writing exams, etc.. Seems like we’re in the same phase of life 😉 Wish you all the very very best for all your exams! Catch a break whenever you can and take a well-deserved breather! All the best! 💖

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    1. Thank you so so much for reading my post😊😊. It really means a lot to me! Getting back home was a big thing fir me. Thank you for the precious wish…it is really encouraging. With lots of love 😊😊❤❤❤

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