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A Crimson Magic

I watched a perfect Crimson Sky
Fading it’s shades over horizon
I watched the birds returning home
I heard the chatter of retuning men

The lane standing in front of my window
Glows, as if, in crimson too
Not lots of shadows fall on it
To destroy it’s beautiful hue

And slowly the magic fades away
A band of darkness covers it up
Yet I still sit by my window beholding
The magic with a coffee cup

How long have I been at home
How long haven’t I been outside
I do not remember when it was
The last time I took a ride

Oh! How I wish I could stop the darkness
From covering the entire hue
Oh! How I wish I could watch everyday
The playing of crimson and blue

But who can stop darkness?
It will come when it has to
I can just wait for the time
To again see the beautiful hue!!

Published by skylinerise

In search of life...

7 thoughts on “A Crimson Magic

  1. This is so truly beautiful, my dear friend! Such an empowering message and stunning imagery! Amazingly done, I absolutely love this one 🖤🤗


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