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My Tube Light Still Glows In The Middle Of The Darkness

I am literally having a weird feeling. On one side it seems chilled and pleasant while at the other, a flock of bad thoughts circle up my mind. A series of serenity and severity keeps disturbing me alternatively. I just have nothing to share today except the troubles in my mind.

In a week I will be too much occupied with all kinds of entrance examinations. The education minister did a great job announcing all national level exams just a week before and resigning a day after, to save his back. I am proud of him! Such a brave act! I am left with no option except to jump right into the situation and prepare myself for whatever comes. I have a series of exams ahead of me and just the thought keeps me awake. It’s about 2 a.m. and I just packed up with my studies.

I have a good news for you guys. I would be returning back to my town right after the examinations are over. I am so happy! I will be going back after two years! It was really tough for me to leave my lovely place and shift to a different state where people of my community get no respect. Students used to identify me by my community and had a lot of jokes cracked on the fact that I am a “Bengali”!

A cool breeze is blowing into my room. It’s dark and quiet all around. The whole city is asleep. Seems it’s only me awake into the deep darkness of this lonely night. A few streetlamps are still on duty. The night guards seem to have decided to sleep tonight. Through out the city, it’s only my tube light that still glows in the middle of this dense darkness. It feels so serene at this hour of the day. Nobody to judge you, nobody to be scared of, cause it’s only me awake. Though some people might be cursing me in their dreams but that doesn’t count! This cool breeze and the amazing loneliness seems far more comforting than the worldly troubles of the day.

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18 thoughts on “My Tube Light Still Glows In The Middle Of The Darkness

  1. I can feel you, when I cleared my boards I too have a series of exams to be given. Now, this year my sister has to give lots of entrance examination. Btw, I likes serenity and severity the most. And everything will be fine with time. And practice more previous year Question paper. It wilp really help you at this time of the stress..

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    1. Yeahh this year was really troublesome! We had no schools no classes no coaching! Seems as if I feel helpless. I have prepared as much as I could but the competition is so high that you get cut off by just some decimals !


  2. Concentrate on your studies and try to give your best shot, results do not matter. Try to embrace and learn, as you said you have a positive to look forward to at the end where you visit your hometown πŸ™‚ you are a smart kid, you’ll be okay!

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    1. Thank you so much for you good wishes 😊😊. It really gives me a lot of confidence ! Yeah results doesn’t matter but these competitive exams really suck. I would really hate to hear my relatives and parents talking shit of me again! But I would try my best to crack the exam 😊😊

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