Just Wanted To Thank You!

This blog is completely dedicated to you guys. Yes, YOU! I was a loner who had nobody to confide in. With all kinds of dark secrets of life, I was carrying a burden. I dared not share with anybody cause people were sure to judge me. At a very small age, I did bear many things which people mostly face as grown ups. That ofcourse has shaped who I am today from who I was years back. Maybe that has made me a little more mature than my age! Through writing, I got the freedom to express and though your love, I got the confidence to confide.

I have shared most of my life’s terrible incidents through my blogs. Starting from terrible breakups to sexual harassments to ruining my own life and standing back again bravely, I have written it all. It requires a lot of courage to honestly confide the worst situations of your life. But I did it and where did that extreme courage come from? Through your inspiration, my dear viewers!

I sometimes feel myself to be more aged emotionally than my physical age. I had nobody to share, a couple of months ago but now I have a great group of people with me. I am a fighter, I know, but the one thing I lacked was a good listener and you guys have amazingly fulfilled my desire! I do not know how to thank but I am really grateful! A hearty thanks to all my viewers and followers, you have always been my greatest support. Every comment is so sweet that it inspires me to move a step ahead every time! I have found lots of amazing people with their amazing stories. A whole new world seems to be open to me. So much to see, so much to know!

This blog was a little representation of my immense love for you. Just wanted to Thank You! Your affection really means a lot! I hope you guys will keep inspiring and loving me. Lastly, you guys are amazing and I love you all!!

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26 thoughts on “Just Wanted To Thank You!

    1. Yeah I am a newbie here but so astonished seeing the immense love and respect people give to one another! In other platforms along with love, hate comes for free…I guess WP to be the only place where you get love and appreciation only!! 😊❤✌❤

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  1. Well, thank YOU for believing that we are worthy of your trust 😊 For someone who’s had such unpleasant experiences at a tender age, it’s hard to trust people very easily. But you gave US that! So thank you! Love all your posts and thanks for this one ☺️ You have my love and support 🤍 Stay blessed.

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    1. I am so immensely overwhelmed by your comment that I have no words to express🥺🥺. I really really love you guys and your comments seems like a goldmine to me!! I have read many of your posts and I loved them all!! ❤😊😊✌

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  2. So glad that you found a safe space here where you could share your journey through pain, grief, trauma here and find so many people who love your writing and care for you…more power to you and keep writing 👍🏻💝

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    1. Thank you so much for visiting my site and showing me so much love and appreciation 🥺🥺. It is all because of my readers that I feel I am not alone and that feeling is immensely beautiful 😊😊❤❤🤗✌

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    1. Thank you so much for going through my post!! It makes me so happy😊. We all have horrible incidents of our life which stays like a horror in our minds lifelong until we find a safe passage for them.😊😊✌✌❤❤

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