Blue Sapphire

But I cannot think of you anymore
Yet I cannot forget your eyes
You asked me to forget what we had
But how can I, love once made never dies.

Closing my eyes I remember the time
We both sitting on a pile of wheat
And you showed me the endless skies
While I kissed your butterfly feet.

And you used to run naked
Stand under the falls, calling my name
I used to hold your drenched body firm
For a moment we cared not of all worldly shame.

The day you gave me your Sapphire
Said, “It would make you remember me, John
I want to love you again and again
I want to love you even if I am gone!”

I knew not that day
You will be gone so soon
I do not know my dear Jade,
If that Sapphire was a curse or boon.

Unaware, he fell asleep
On his beloved’s graveyard sand
With stains of torment on his face
And the Blue Sapphire in his hand.

So hey guys, if you did just stop by to read the “Blue Sapphire”, do make me know if you liked the poetry. And if you did, tap the like button cause that makes me happy. Not aiming anything this time as well. Shower your love as much as you can!!

Published by skylinerise

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12 thoughts on “Blue Sapphire

  1. I enjoy the images in this, as they are beautiful. The first two lines of the last stanza ripped my heart out (in a great way). This is amazing. For something you had said you’ve never done before, you’ve done a magnificent job.

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