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What Made Me Start Blogging?

Well, I do not know how many people would be interested in reading a whole three to four paragraphs to search for an answer but I could think of nothing else to write for now.

The seed of the story can be dated back to six years and all the consequences till today gathered to make me start up blogging. Six years ago, I was in school, in rather primary section when things happened. There was a boy in twelfth standard whom every girl had a crush on. He was the prince charming (even better than Cinderella’s prince charming). Seemed as if God was in a happy mood while creating him. He had a long sharp nose, light pink lips, greyish hazel eyes, deep brown hair, a perfect jawline, sharp face, sweet smile, fair texture and a soft but deep voice. I can’t think of the rest of the adjectives to define him. He even happened to be our School-Captain and looked out of the world in his deep blue shirt. Even I had the same deep blue shirt cause we belonged to the same school team!

As he passed the corridors, girls would peep out of their classes to get a glimpse of him. My friends and I included. Everyone in the school, and I bet the whole town, was mad for him. I later came to know that he was my dad’s friend’s son and I had met him several times as a kid and had even handed him a chocolate once! But I did remember none of it during the time when I had a crush on him. He lived not far away from my place and everyday I would see him riding on his bike to school (Huh! It must have been every girl’s dream to see him everyday morning while going to school).

Nothing much happened. Me and my friends flirted like everyone else. After a year he passed out and forgot all about us. We did the same. But how can you totally forget someone you had a huge crush on!! A few months ago (and after six years), while chatting with friends in our whatsapp group, the topic suddenly stopped on the “Huge handsome guy”. The discussion reached so far and wide that we came to the point of stalking him on social media (We girls have been shameless all our life). After a few sessions of stalking, we found out that he was with a girl, a blogger. We shamelessly stalked her too (Just think to what extent can we go in search of a guy we had a crush six years ago).

The girl wasn’t pretty (or atleast we did not find our crush’s girlfriend to be pretty at all and that’s quite normal). We came to the conclusion that she wasn’t appropriate for dating our “Huge Handsome Guy” and we could have been better than her anyway.

So this girl was the reason why I started blogging. I had lots to write but nobody to listen. I always wondered if I could pen down my feelings somewhere and I found blogging to be the best option! I started writing whatever I felt!

I do not know how much interesting did my story seem to you but if you have read it, put down a like! 1 like=1 sympathy for me not able to date my crush! Aiming for not much but just 10 likes!!

[P.S. I follow the girl on WordPress but she did not follow me back. Huh! Rude….I told you she wasn’t appropriate for the “Huge Handsome Guy”]

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32 thoughts on “What Made Me Start Blogging?

  1. You expressed the reasons underwhich you started to write blogs.It appears from your feelings that you are repentance due to the reasons that a handsome guy did not like suitable girl as per his personality/ standard. Do not cry usually it is happening. Although the guy had to bear some loss but you have learned to write a good blog.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading my blog and inspiring me to write more! I think learning to write or especially the strength to write comes from you people. The love and blessings everyone gives me motivates me to continue my practice. Thank you again for reading my post ❀😊


    1. Thank you so much for reading my post and appreciating me so much!😊😊 as for having a crush, I have never been to Kenya but I am so eager to travel there! ❀


      1. Thanks so much that was on the lighter side ,I will be waiting to welcome you the African way,Iam also excited for you quick response,I’m looking forward to working and sharing ideas on this noble platform I’m humbled.

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      2. I am so eager to travel but it doesn’t seem like I can in 2 to 3 years. I am still a young person who has to take permission from parents even for the slightest thing and I know they are not gonna take me to a trip any nearπŸ˜•. I will surely let you when I plan to travel Kenya


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