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Extraordinary Lives

I almost had tears running down my eyes watching these videos. I am a kind of hemophobic person, afraid of blood and surgery and things causing pain. But I took enough courage to watch videos talking of some bravehearts. I had a touch of smile at the corner of my lips watching young fearless children smiling even while fighting with severe disorders and even when they know, they are gonna die soon! I hope you have understood by now what I am talking of. I am talking of children born with severe disorders.

Have you ever felt, standing in front of your dressing table, that you could have been a little bit prettier? Have you ever thought “Oh God! why didn’t you make me better?”? Maybe most of you have. Even I did, a couple of years back. What I saw today totally changed my mind. I have no complains. I thank god for creating me with such care! I saw little kids or you can say newborns born with severe disorders where their noses, eyes, mouths have not been formed. They undergo terrible surgeries before they can even see the world. Some die before they get to know they are alive. Shouldn’t we be thankful enough to our creator for making us with so much care.

Have you ever complained about your skin? That it’s too oily or too dry? I did and still do now. Small children out there live a terrible life, experiencing painful extreme skin disorders. Shouldn’t we be more thankful to our creator?

I was aimlessly banging my head on Youtube when I suddenly came across a video which looked into the lives of several extraordinary children unimaginable to us. They are victims of deformed formation. They were deformed from the time they were unborn. Some had no faces, some were conjoined babies, some died in few months, some were about to die in few months, yet they had a smile on their beautiful faces. They knew the world’s gonna end for them which might have made them enjoy every bit of the moment as long as they live.

I saw two conjoined sisters. They went through a difficult 11 hours of surgery at just the age of two, which was an attempt to separate them. The doctors warned the parents that both the babies may die during the surgery or they may loose any one of them. Luckily, God wasn’t harsh on them and both were saved. Their smiles were so catchy. I couldn’t put my eyes off.

Another one I saw was hard to believe. A little newborn born with a huge brain tumor which covered most parts of his brain. Doctors said it was an impossible case. They called him the “monster baby”. His father cried and said, “May god take him back. Atleast he can live in peace there!”. I just can’t imagine how his heart would have been sizzling while speaking these words. His mother was in tears when she said, “Doctors have said the baby would die but I have a hope in my heart that he would come back to us”. She folded her hands in front of the camera saying, “If there’s any doctor who can save him, please do. I beg to you. Please save my child”. I couldn’t stop my tears watching the baby silently lying with a huge tumor lying aside him.

We complain so much in life. Why don’t we thank sometimes? We can see the world so clear, we can do our own work. There are people out there with so much to complain about but they never do! They live with a smile, with whatever god has gifted them. Their lives are short, they can die anytime, so they try living every moment with grace, fill every moment with wonder!

And we, gifted with a long life bear all kinds of sorrows. It might be because, we know we are gonna live long, so we always want to plan our FUTURE ahead which lets us not live in our PRESENT.

Let’s learn from these EXTRAORDINARY LIVES and thank for whatever we have….

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8 thoughts on “Extraordinary Lives

    1. Thank you so much for reading my post😊. God has given us immense things and made us with utmost care. Our every ogan works right in this complex body, which seems like a dream to many children 🥺

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