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Did You Find A Horizon Of Negativity?

Though my title profoundly announces the word “Negativity”, I have decided not to write about it today. Well there’s actually nothing to write about it! We are already surrounded by so many negative people that some positivity would ultimately make us feel good. What is a “HORIZON OF NEGATIVITY”? Just as the horizon sees the end of the sky (it isn’t the end but atleast it seems to be), similarly is the horizon of negativity where we can see the end of it. I swear, removing negative people and things brings a lot of peace. A lot of the turbulences going on in our lives can be due to negativity. Try removing it! Believe me it feels good!

I often imagine being surrounded by thousands of sunflowers, all smiling at me (or maybe at the sun). The sun shining above, the birds chirping from somewhere and there’s none except me. Till the end of the horizon, can be seen flocks of flowers, dancing sometimes with the wind, singing with the birds. I can run, shout, dance, nobody to stop me. How amazing would that be?

I often imagine, when the night covers the sky and clouds cover some stars, I sit under a huge banyan in some far far away land where nobody knows me. A village, peacefully sleeping. And I, lazily under the banyan, sitting on dusty ground, looking at the endless sky covered with stars. It’s so starry that it seems as if stars from another galaxy has come to joined the party. The moon glittering all it’s light, beatifying darkness! How amazing would that be?

I often imagine running on seashores with waves washing my feet. Standing on wet sand to watch a beautiful sunset. So many colours does it show! Little by little they too fade away but leaves a hope of coming back again the next day.

We, in the cities are so busy rushing that we often fail to pause. A pause can lead to so much happiness! A moment of thought, a moment of escape by dipping into imaginations can lead to so much peace. I often wonder if money can buy it all yet as the most advanced creatures that ever lived, we fail to understand where our true satisfaction lies!

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13 thoughts on “Did You Find A Horizon Of Negativity?

    1. Thank you so much for reading my blog😊😊. Yeah!! Happiness is everywhere, in every little things. We just need to pause and find it rather simply rushing and hustling in our busy lives in search of happiness! ❤💙💜

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    1. Nature can be most mesmerizing. In can heal our pain, sorrow, anguish. Simply looking at those beautiful elements can bring a smile on our faces and peace to out hearts ❤.


  1. I love this! It’s just the horizon, but there’s definitely more beyond what we see. I love how you used the sky to illustrate. So beautiful. And true, we ought to pause, take a step back and rid away the negativity that’s pushing us down and making us feel heavy while being lost in the city lights. Satisfaction comes with peace and positivity, and that’s how we simply find happiness, rather; it finds us.

    You write beautifully. Can’t wait to read something new.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading my blog😊😊😊. And your interpretation of my writing is completely correct. I would try to write another as soon as possible! Here’s a heart for you ❤

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      1. opposite. polar. and the desire is the same forty years later. she wrote in the note my bf goes to another school dude. i folded it up and stuffed it into the commerative seven up can.

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