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The Real Struggle

I have a lot to write today. I literally do not know how to put this. So much is happening around but when I face my laptop and try running my fingers over its keyboard, I am all stuck! Yet trying somehow to express, I would love to begin with the fact that I got vaccinated on 21st. Just after vaccination, I felt as victorious as a home-returning soldier. As if I have just defeated my forever enemy so bad. Though my feelings didn’t last long. Within an hour my forearm began aching horribly! Later that night I had a fever which lasted till today morning and I had to take 6 tablets to stay alive!

Well the vaccination isn’t all I have to talk of. Those readers who usually take a look at my blogs would naturally find the following incidents to be a part of my “Daily Nagging”. But for me it is not! So sit back with me and read ahead.

Teenagers are the most horrendous creatures that ever inhabited the earth. Their faces ain’t as cute as little infants, so all those highly “responsible”, “careful”, “intellectual”, “I-know-it-all” grown ups, with a hundred years of “experience” in any field you can ever imagine, wouldn’t find it easy to forgive you even at you slightest faults. Teenagers ain’t as cool as those “grown-up guys”, so they have no right to speak even against injustice done to them [In India we respectfully call it “Sanskar”]. In all, teenagers are those pieces of sausages being constantly compressed under two big buns.

Today, let’s not talk of why elders are “always” right but let’s talk of how they make us “ignore” their mistakes. There’s no mistake in saying that there’s a big generation gap between us and our parents. But it is possible to pacify it by talking to and understanding each other. But who cares! When I say that I am depressed, they medicate me by saying that it’s all my kinda drama of not studying. When I say, “I am trying maa, to rank well, to meet your expectation”, it’s she who says, “you have tried enough, you are just useless and you are gonna make no shit in future”. At every action it’s always my result that is talked of. I have started feeling like a sheet of papers with “stupid” written on it.

They think talking is a time waste, sitting silently is a time waste, even eating and bathing is a time waste. I truly await for the day when they will declare breathing as a “time waste” factor! In India, you are a good person if you top your class, school, university etc. and you are a criminal of the darkest dungeon if you wish to follow your passion.

Ending with just a question…Do you think elders are always right?

lastly, stay happy. Stay safe.

Love ya!!

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8 thoughts on “The Real Struggle

  1. No. They are not always right. While there can be some who can guide us with their experience but they are not always right. You will grow up to be a wonderful woman with strong character, lovely heart. Beautiful inside out. You are not useless, their definition is faulty.

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  2. I can so relate to this one girl….
    But all this things makes me realize “how not to be a elder”, that “telling our side is not disrespect”…
    I am making mental notes 📝 that what I am gonna do differently in my future…
    You take care of yourself and remember nothing lasts forever, everything is gonna be okay

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  3. Definitely not. People are people, and they all have their merits and downsides. Everybody should be judged by who they actually are, and not some arbitrary value, such as age. If you’re good, you’re good. If you’re an asshole, you’re an asshole. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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