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What If I Never Feel Pain Again?

Late night, at almost 3 a.m., I was laying vaguely on my bed, looking towards the ceiling with a flock of thoughts in my mind. Finding answers to some unanswered questions. A dark room, empty space, less sound, makes my mind run faster. My 3 a.m. thought was, “what if I never felt pain?” Everyone wants to be happy and satisfied (but in reality, nobody is!). Who would want to be unhappy and feel the pain? But what if there comes a time when we would want to feel the pain? What if there comes a time when we would have experienced so much of sorrows in life that nothing would make us feel the pain again, nothing would make us cry again? Would we be called selfish and insensitive? Or would we be called brave?

My utter trial to find an answer, totally blundered my sleep. I was disturbed. There were so many questions fluttering my mind. What if a time comes when I badly need the need to feel pain? How will I be able to awake this feeling if once it is gone forever? I have always been cursing things and people who made me cry. I never wanted to be hurt, I never wished to be unhappy, not realizing that these people who hurt us, just make happiness much sweeter. Just imagine with me, a world where there are no sorrows, no regrets and no perish. Will we be really happy all the time?

A sudden realization has grabbed me in the past few hours. Pain makes us realize happiness. As of now, life gives us a mixture of the two alternately, to make us feel what we feel. As it is always said, destruction leads to a new beginning. Similarly, pain leads to pleasure. There is nothing as “ultimate joy” or “ultimate grief”. Everything is temporary. “This time too shall pass”.

In Bengali there is a word “Dukhojagania” which means, arousing pain. A serpent amidst all, who never claimed it’s sanity, but worked behind all glitter and glamour. What is it? It’s pain.

What do you think will you become if you stop feeling pain? A Braveheart or an Insensitive muggle?

[P.S. Don’t you feel “pain” to belong to the category of Dr. Snape?]

Lastly stay happy. Stay safe.

Love ya!!

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6 thoughts on “What If I Never Feel Pain Again?

    1. Yeaahh!! Pleasure and pain must go hand in hand. But the pain I am going through now is too difficult. This vaccination has put my left hand under immense pain and I can’t move it at all. So I just have one hand left to do things!


  1. You’re right, we can only feel one with the presence or understanding of the other. Happiness is not a stable existence anyway, nothing is…and nothing really lasts forever. We can choose things to be less painful of course, and that comes with knowledge i believe. Great piece, thank you for sharing.

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