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I Swear To Tell The Truth

For two long years, I have been completely caged within these four walls. For completing my high-school, I had to bid a goodbye to my town and settle here in a far away unknown land with little or no friends at all. The lime walls, not at all decorated, vaguely looks upon my shrinking face all the time. I have two small windows, a table, a bed, a kind of shelf for all my books (It used to be something else but gradually had to turn it to a shelf), a worn out age-old periodic table and books and more books and nothing else. I haven’t stepped out of this undesirable place for months now. Earlier, when my parents used to be out for work, I could atleast dance and shout and sing and play and eat and sleep and do whatever I wished (ofcourse the windows had to be closed to avoid some immediate neighbors from complaining).

Due to this terrible lock down, I have to spend every single hour of the day with my loving parents who loves to complain about everything and anything! They complain about me, they complain about each other, they complain about things and almost everything. I ain’t saying it is unpleasant to spend time with them but anything beyond limit seems horrible to me. It is important to spend time with parents but it is equally important to spend time with yourself. Isn’t it? But guess what! I do not have a room where I can stay in peace for even a few minutes. In my room, any one of the two has to be there. Either it’s my mom or dad sitting and looking at my idiotic face all the time! And for all the 24 hours I have to act to be a quiet, sweet, happy, little kid. I can’t cry, I can’t shout, I can’t write, I can’t sing. In all, I can’t do anything.

Going out seems like a dream now. Today I finally got vaccinated! And the most beautiful part of it is that, I could see the sky once again after so many months. I could see different faces! This made me so happy. Although I did not have to wait for long in queues. I got vaccinated as soon as I reached the centre. I got less time to look at the sky and the people, I have been looking at after so long. But that didn’t make me sad. I was happy to know why have I been frustrated and how I can finally regain my natural mood!

I need the sky. I need the blue. I need people. I need air. These vaguely painted old lime walls seem like some sadist! I hope everything gets fine soon and I get to hug the sky once again!

Lastly, stay safe. Stay happy.

Love ya!!

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4 thoughts on “I Swear To Tell The Truth

  1. I feel you. It must be so claustrophobic. Ofcourse, when you want to be alone that does not mean you don’t like your parents. It is okay to feel that way. I know I would. I wish things open up soon and you get to see the sky, sing and dance to your hearts content!

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  2. I can relate to this…. the thing just becomes so frustrating…
    I go to my terrace every evening, just to look at sky, look at faces of passing by people so that I don’t feel alone

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