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A Stupid Claim

I Do Not Know How To Title it…

Wednesday, June 9

Oh! Can you imagine how my mind wanders? I myself am so undefined! Quite a couple of minutes ago I was really enraged at my boyfriend (cause he did a real piece of shit!) and quickly made up my mind to dump all my anger through my writings. Sometimes my wordpress account seems to be an “EMOTIONAL BIN” to me where I can freely share whatever I feel and as I am not famous so am free to write whatever my heart wants. While I was half the way, writing my “anger blog”, a series of incidents happened which ultimately led it to the draft section and here I am, trying to write another treatise for you to look up (Can you imagine how quickly I change my mind?).

Getting started on what made me change my mind, I would love to introduce myself for those new readers who weren’t fortunate enough to read my previous blogs (nevermind dear you can still look up for them!!). I am a teen with big aspirations and wants from life. I ain’t quite famous in my new city where I moved a couple of years ago (and had spend most of the time in lockdown) but I love the city I was previously in. I had friends and people to make me happy. Here I lack most of it. Basically this is the reason that writing acts as a vent to unleash my pent up feelings. I write under the name “Skylinerise” which makes readers even more curious to know who I actually am.

One such curious person arrived in my comment section. Now, I have started blogging just a month ago and not much comments I get. Moreover I am a friendly little girl who loves to talk and smile. As usual, I replied to the “Unknown person” politely. We conversed a while and out of curiosity the unknown guy asked me my name, my real name. I cannot reveal my identity for certain issues and so I had decided to keep myself secret and I told him so! He was more than enraged at this (I did not find any valid reasons for his behavior) and said that this was his “starsign” that mentored his mood. I joked and said if people of his starsign changed their moods quite often, on which he threatened me to be careful cause I do not know who he is and what he can do!!! Frankly, I didn’t expect such behavior. With utter politeness (even after his misbehave) I said him it was unethical to post threat comments as such and I firmly believe that it is completely my choice whether I would like to reveal myself online or not.

After some weird behavior from the other side, I finally told him that we should end our conversation right there and he rudely replied me to get away and unfollowed my site (well that didn’t bother me much as I am frightened of people whose “starsign” controls them so high). I trashed all the comments and tried to forget the matter while writing it down here.

I still did not find a probable reason for the threat comment and the misbehave. Is it not my choice whether I would disclose my identity to somebody or keep it to myself? Am I supposed to be threatened on denying to reveal my name? Is it ethical to keep on commenting harsh words to a person who still hasn’t lost her temper on you?

And if your “STARSIGN” strikes you so hard then please do take up a new one. Behave well. Respect people! Everyone deserves so. The internet is not just a platform today, it has turned into a society. Follow norms.

Lastly, stay safe. Stay happy.

Love ya!!

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