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It’s Bloody Natural

Let’s Talk Of Periods

Not A Matter Of Shame….

While my mind was fiercely wandering on what stuff to write today, I suddenly had the wildest idea of keeping aside all my humor and of talking something serious. From the blog title as well as the picture clip, it is quite clear what this blog will be speaking of. From my last few experiences I have seen this quiet often that not much views or likes come up in blogs which teaches something to the society. Yet this fact cannot stop me from teaching them. Beginning with the word “PERIODS” there is always an awkward king of silence and shame attached to it. I remember when I had my periods for the first time, which was most probably in class six, I was more than shy towards it. Though now I feel much easy towards it, I wasn’t a few years ago. Stains are normal. So instead of people staring at those tiny red spots, they should come up and help. Period pain is ridiculous and period cramps are intolerable as well. So girls, when you feel it, do feel free to ask for help. I have seen people, mostly of the opposite gender to be totally awkward and never want to talk of it. Well, periods occur to women only but it is equally essential for a man to know about it. Atleast if you know, you can help a woman out there in some serious trouble. And suppose even if you do not ever come across a situation like that but still there is nothing wrong of having some extra knowledge!

Periods are essential. It is the symbol of womanhood. For people who feel utterly shy of it, I must say you do not know what PERIODS exactly mean. Biologically, it is a situation where a woman bleeds from her womb once in every month. So from the definition what did you find so embarrassing? It is a god’s gift to a woman. A gift which she carries all her life!

Though we live in the 21st century, yet time have seemed to change not much in some areas. People still find it better to die than to bear the “PERIOD SHAME”! A woman’s uterus is a complex organ. It tricks you quite often. If not taken proper care, it can kill you as well. Several complicated problems (the deadly ones as well) like the uterus tumor are too common these days. Now can you say that it is just a woman’s problem and a man can be totally out of the scene? Health is not a gender issue. It is a worldwide concern.

Similar to all other prejudices existing in our society, periods too has some related to it. Some myths and taboos say, a woman going through “that time of the month” should not be allowed to enter a kitchen or should not be allowed to take part in festivals. She should not be allowed to worship or be a part of any ritual. How amazing is that, in front of a “GODDESS” my mother said, “you cannot take part in the puja cause you are bleeding!”. A girl should not be allowed to worship another woman cause she bleeds. And she bleeds cause she has a gift from god. A womb!

Spreading proper awareness can save thousands of lives. Giving a sanitary pad can save a woman, a mother, a wife, a sister! Proper sanitization and education can do wonders. Help to eradicate this “SOCIAL EVIL”. A woman’s womb is a gift she is born with. A period is a gift she has to bear. Stop “PERIOD SHAME” cause it’s “BLOODY NATURAL”.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Bloody Natural

  1. Love you for choosing this topic and speaking out. So tired of the stigma attached to this. Absolutely crazy. It’s something natural and important as you have said and yet cramps and period pain have not been treated as an actual problem in this society. As always, woman’s problem is not real and that has been the mentality of people since ages.

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    1. Yesss you said the exact words that were in my mind!!!…a woman’s problem has never been a real problem! She is expected to adjust. Cramps and pain and stains are serious issues but nobody gives a heed to them!

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