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Wednesday, 9 June

Seeing the city flow by as everyday and my dusty sky shows me varied colours of sunset. Just as I was thinking of what I should do with my life and how I should proceed a sudden thought crossed my mind. Well, what’s the status of my previous blog? And as usual it was just lying there lonely with just 2 likes (out of which one was mine). I left my laptop with a sigh. Although the outcome was known to me far before and I had even mentioned it in my blog that “blogs which teaches something to the society do not get viewed much”. Now, look at this title. Simple but mysterious. Isn’t it? It says you not to view, but you will. I know you will to just have a peep on what’s so daring within. Not your fault darling. It’s human nature! Even I would have clicked on to read ahead of the “DANGEROUS CONSEQUENCES” of reading this blog. So for all the reader, with a big thumps up I say “YOU ARE DARING…GOOD JOB!”

Well I beg your pardon for disappointing you on the issue that there is nothing DANGEROUS here and if you are in search of some real adventure then I know you would immediately hop out. But I can guarantee that there are some real cool REALISATIONS which may ultimately make everything sweet or everything dangerous (that depends totally on you!)

We as humans, love negativity. Believe me or not, but we do. We TRY to think positive from time to time but did we ever TRY AND THINK of negativity? Or does it simply comes to out minds? We are curious little creatures with a highly developed set of organs and most importantly, a tremendous brain! It is the brain which let’s us think, which lets us feel. Isn’t it amazing? A single sweet organ that controls all your emotions, feeling, likes, dislikes, character, personality and everything else. In everyone of us there is a curiousness to “KNOW WHAT IS UNKNOWN”…to know what is forbidden. For example, I had warned you NOT TO VIEW THIS PAGE, but look, yet you did it! Yes, I am talking to you, Mr. reader.

As humans, we are always in search of mystery. A “DO NOT” doesn’t probably stop us. As a child my parents used to say me, do not go there, do not do this etc. (and the never ending columns of “DO NOTS”) but I did all of them!! And I was more interested in those “Do Not-s” than in the “Do-s”. This curiosity is good. It can take you far. This curious nature of humans has led to so much discoveries. From the laptop to your smartphone to your air conditioner was once in the lists of “IMPOSSIBLE” and it is our curious nature which led to the possibility we are living today. But that does not obviously mean we should break every rules and “DO NOT-S”. When it is said “do not smoke” then please do not smoke! When it’s said, “do not throw the garbage” then please do not.

Lastly, stay happy stay safe.

Love ya!!

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