18+ Content Ahead!!

Hello! Beautiful people,

Today I finally turned 18!! Ah! I have been waiting for this day so long. I wish I could post a blog as yearly as 12 a.m. but I was too engaged in replying to the beautiful wishes from my beautiful friends and the lovely gifts they had for me. As all of them really worked hard I would be so happy to share what they had in stock for me!! Due to the covid situations, I could not host a party this year (I couldn’t the previous year as well!), so my lovely sweet-hearted friends presented me online gifts (good for them, no money spent! haha…just kidding…what they gave me was far more sweeter). My bestfriend cum boyfriend literally made me weep. He presented me a lovely video with all our memories and the pictures in which I was smiling the most preciously, added with an emotional song “At my Worst” which literally made me cry. He also gifted me a lovely picture which he drew for me added to another gift which was the information that “Among us” (a very popular video game) is available for free on pc till 3rd June!!

Rest of the three friends wished me my birthday with beautiful stickers and another witty one gifted me a pic of one of our teachers, whom I (and every other girl) had a crush on, along with the birthday wish….haha….and that too when my partner was online. We then laughed a lot on this matter. Another friend gave me an edited pic with several other elements on it. My cousins too wished me on time this year! how amazing! It’s always them who are late af! Got a hug from mother and lots of blessings. Huh, where is the present from my father? Well he has already gifted me quite an expensive birthday cake yesterday but it has not been delivered yet.

My mother seems way more happier than me on being eighteen. More because now I would be considered a grown up and is expected to complete all my work without a delay and within time. She was so happy that she turned on the music and started dancing and singing while making up some delicious stuff for me in the kitchen. While I am sitting here blogging what I see around.

Today is a fun day!! Whatever I do, nobody’s gonna scold me for my mischief and even if I am using my phone for too long. My boyfriend is not gonna be mad at me even if I make him angry. My family and friends would treat me in a royal way as if am the little sleeping beauty who has just woke up from a long snooze! Oh how I adore this lovely day. Such days won’t come everyday! Just once in a year and 18th birthday comes just once in a lifetime!

I have always been super excited about birthdays since my childhood and am even now! It might sound childish but I feel really angry when people forget to wish me or bring me presents. I do not say anything but move around with a red fluffy face. I wish I can make the most of this day. Once gone, it won’t return again! Reading this blog many of you would be remembering the memories of your 18th birthday. Do not forget to share them in the comments.

Lastly, stay safe, stay happy.

Love ya!!

[P.S: Did the title make you excited and after reading the blog for some 18+ content did you get angry that there wasn’t any of it that you thought! But I am sorry for that…whole of my content is 18+. I just didn’t go the way you thought! wink wink!!]

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