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A Five-And-A-Half Employees

Am struggling with an immense migraine pain. The migraine attacks are quite frequent nowadays, a lot of times in a month! Oh god, it hurts so much. You can’t sit down or sleep or think or dream. Yet I am sitting in front of my laptop trying to right down a topic that did recently hit my mind or else I fear I would totally forget everything about it until morning.

There’s an office with five and a half employees. Now you must be thinking as to how can a five-and-a-half employees probably work in any fucking office of this world? But there is one office in a million places that is way different than we expect. Do you believe in your sixth sense? I hope most people do and many do not. But never mind, I strongly believe that there exists a sixth sense which acts as a spy. It is an officer whom no other employees know about. Nobody has ever seen him but he works slyly and silently in a nook of our mind. In some hidden corner cabin works this cabinet! When we feel a touch on our “Skin”, our “eyes” want to speculate it and our “ear” awaits for it’s turn to come while our “nose” smells something, our “tongue” wants to confirm it. With all the information collected, the report finally gathers and gets submitted to the BOSS, “our brain”.

But there is one employee who works like a secret agent, controls the other five secretly and provides sensitive and intense information to the brain. As nobody has ever seen this officer, nobody knows for sure where he works from but he is there always on high alert. It is our sixth sense. While we are walking on a road and suddenly feel that there must be a person following us, it’s always your “Half officer” on duty, immediately sending alert signals to the brain who spontaneously orders the other five to take charge and we turn back to look if there is somebody following us!

Life is full of mysteries. Every task we do has so many complications, we do not even notice. Our “Half-officer” resides somewhere in our senses and is often called by the name “A STRONG FEELING” or more basically “A GUT FEELING”. He never shows up but works secretly to alert us on upcoming dangers. Can be compared to a weather forecasting operation which alerts you beforehand or like a spy warning about the possible invasions. Whatever it may be, not the “five” but a “five-and-a-half” will always work together.

Lastly, stay safe, stay happy.

Love ya!!

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