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Not All Lusts Are Normal

I am a person who loves to travel new places, meet new people, embrace new culture, explore new food and behold new views (readers thinking: Oh! again those creepy lines of any ordinary travel blog….and getting ready to press the back button). But I am also a person who has not been to many places but yet loved every corner I visited. Yes, today it’s gonna be a travel blog with my story, a trip to the north.

I live in the Northern part of India, more specifically in West Bengal and my family with a bunch of seventeen other relatives decided to travel a bit more northward. We decided to set our foot on Sikkim and Darjeeling. I love the hills more than oceans. The hills give me a sense of purity and satisfaction. While I dress in my winter clothes on the hills (while it’s still scorching in the plains) and watch the roads turn and twist and vanish around the bushy trees, I feel a kind of calmness gathering in and around me. This feeling you won’t find in the plains. There’s so much population that you will have no time to feel calm. There’s always somebody coming up to you and asking you shitty things! (Moreover, I find the hilly people really sweet!). We twenty people travelled a lot. It was some 4 or 5 years back and I even do not remember every little incident. We had hired two cars. Each filled with 10 people! We were so stuck together that the driver was the only person allowed to occupy a whole single seat. The long eight to ten hours journey from the station to Pelling in Sikkim was tiresome and dangerous. The young handsome driver took us through the hill roads curving along the edges where a little mistake would take you all the way down the hill (and I was sitting stuck right by the side of the window that constantly showed me how I could die!)

Pelling was an amazing place. The highest in altitude and perfect in view. The people were so sweet and right in the morning we could see the Kanchenjunga in front of our eyes, covered in a golden glow! We walked through the mountain road in the morning and could see thick clouds underneath us!!! Couldn’t see the land anymore. It was as if covered by a blanket of white fluffy sheet. We could see the clouds passing like some half-visible smoke and we could even touch them!! At night the chill was ruthless yet we were warmed by the lovely food and a huge variety of soups. We even took a ride in the so called “most realistic toy train of the world” from the world’s highest station “The Ghum Station” which took us through a museum, a garden and the whole city tour at one go.

We had travelled to many Tibetan holy places and had also been to the Indo-China Border “The Nathula Pass” (it was raining and just 1 degrees centigrade, It was at a very high altitude and we were finding it really difficult to breathe!) the largest high altitude lake “The Changu Lake” and many more perplexing monasteries. In all, the trip was amazing and the roads were too beautiful along with the destinations we visited. I would love to go back again and again!!!

Lastly, stay safe, stay happy.

Love ya!!!

[P.S: The only bad memory was that I couldn’t find a good momo stall even after trekking a long way for it. But I had a lovely, warm, delicious, “hilly-maggie”]

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