Baby Lemme See You, Oh I Really Need You

The Momo Fetish

What’s the best food that’s ever been cooked in this entire world? My forever answer is “Momos”. For the non-Indian readers who have never tasted or seen or touched or felt the perplexing feeling of this amazing food, I swear you have missed a chance of tasting “The God Of foods” and for those Indian readers who, like me, are the “momo-fans”, buddy, you are my most favourite person and for those who have tasted momos and did not like it, I have a personal grudge against you and I feel you have a serious problem with your tongue!

Coming back to the topic, momos are very simple and dear foods. Simple in texture, look and freshness but it would take the evil out of you if you are making them at home. Though it looks simple and plain, it takes a lot of effort to prepare them. But nothing goes waste. It’s worth the effort. The specialty of the food lies not entirely in the food itself rather more in the “special sauce” that you dip it in. It brings flavour to the food, enriches and enhances it. The better the sauce, the stronger you start believing that “momos are the best food ever”.

Momos can be eaten in a variety of ways and comes with a variety of stuffings. Among them the original ones are chicken and veg momos, fried and steamed ones but nowadays lots of food experiments are being conducted in some “scientific kitchens” and several breeds of momos are being discovered like chocolate momos (I do not know what the hell is that! I have never tasted it). Two years back I left my town where I had spent the 15 years of my life (among all the 17 years that I have crossed) and there was an uncle right in the middle of the bazaar, sitting with a small stall every evening, selling the ever tasty momos. He was so popular that you had to stand in line to get a glimpse of his momos. I still remember the taste and whenever I think of it, my mouth starts watering (It is still watering!). He had the best momos of the century! The sauce was so perfect. I have literally never tasted anything like that ever.

When in class nine, whole of my family with 20 other relatives took a trip to Sikkim (A terribly mesmerizing place!). Momos were originaaly made in Nepal and a typically traditional food of Sikkim. During my trip I thought I would get to taste the “authentic momos” from it’s authentic origin. Believe me, I had spent most of my trip searching for momos but I do not know why I did not get a single place where chicken momos were served and had to resort to having the veg ones which could not satisfy me much. I hope the people in the planes love more spicy things that in the hills.

My mom had made momos for me long long ago. It was my earnest request to her after which she spent three or four long hours in the kitchen to steam the dough-meat balls for me and the sauce she made was amazing too (give me a tip to control excess mouth watering!). But she is reluctant to slay for four hours in the kitchen anymore and corona is reluctant to let me get to the momo stalls to have some. “Oh my love, come back to me!!!” is all what I have to say.

Lastly, stay safe, stay happy.

Love yaa!!! ( love momos too!!)

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