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Rainy Footsteps

Happily Wet…

Ever got drenched when its raining cats and dogs? It’s a meaningful happiness. Ever felt the joy of being wet when you have an umbrella right there in you bag pack yet you are walking, dancing and singing happily in the rain? If you haven’t try it once.

Before I changed my city and got admitted to this new school, I lived in a big-small town for over 15 years. It was the best town I have ever been. Calm yet friendly, Small yet happy. It was an urbanized town with a touch of serenity and no such busy city lifestyle. It had a big artificial pond right in the middle. A literally huge one, made long long ago. History says that the British made the prisoners dig the huge pond manually as a punishment for fighting for their own rights! And so it was named “Sahib Bandh” or the British Pond.

Everyday I returned home from school either by walking or in a ride but it was literally fun. I had a set of classmates who stayed near my house and we used to chatter all the way long, stopped at some shops to buy some junks to fill our empty stomachs. The road back home went around the pond and it’s cool breeze soothed our souls even in scorching heat. One day, I was returning home accompanied by one of my girl friends who lived just a lane apart (she was a family friend). We watched the sky get darker. The black clouds seemed more active than ever. School got over and just at that moment it started to rain. I had an umbrella in my bag but we decided to give it a rest. we jumped straight into the rain. The rain was too powerful. Not a single soul could be seen on the roads. People who were out by then took shelter under some shade. But we were least bothered. The only thing that bothered us was what if our books would get drenched (It was on that day that I realized my bag was waterproof!). We both were walking carefreely, the rain was so heavy that everything seemed to white around us. People standing under the shade looked such peculiarly as if they have seen two little ghosts walking in the rain.

We were so happy. Never in my life have I been this wet. Every single strand of my hair was dripping. My parents were out as usual so I had little fears. While I reached home, the rain slowly subsided. I was more than happy to be wet. It was so fun as if all my worries were rinsed off with the rain, all my sorrows gone! I reached home, took a bath (I was dusty too), and tried my hardest to dry up my school uniform for I cannot tell my parents the great job that I have achieved. In the trial of drying my clothes, I literally burnt up my shirt while ironing it and my blue shirt turned violet under the arms. Next day my dad asked what was wrong with the shirt but I acted to know nothing!

How wet I was and how wonderful I felt! I wish I could be that wet again. I wish I could walk through the rains again and wash down all my worries with it.

Lastly, stay safe. Stay happy.

Love ya!!

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