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Midnight Horror Station

Don’t Be Scared…

Its almost about 1:48 a.m. IST and at this hour nothing except a perfect ghost story, earphones, dark room and an air conditioner (man its 31 degrees outside) would make a perfect fit. I am basically not a person who gets scared often (and even not amongst those who claim to be brave yet getting scared even when a dog barks outside at midnight!) but the room next door has some problems with it, it looks really horrible when dark. So we have put our God there, the rest of it is his responsibility. I have always been alone at home since when I was a little kid. Both my parents go out for work. So I had to tackle even the scariest moments all alone. From stepping on a lizard to sleeping through the alarm while our maid had to jump over the gate to get to the door, I have faced them all.

Now the most exciting of all events related to a horror movie was when I visited my cousins. They are really dear to me and I am the youngest of all the cousins I ever had (and so I am the loved one!). My two cousins and I were watching the conjuring late night, at almost 3 a.m. I was obviously a kid then. Might be in sixth or seventh standard. My elder sister slept through the movie (can you imagine!!) and my brother had already watched it before. So I was the prey of the game. More than the film I was scared of its after effects. My bother tried with all his might to scare me off and not let me get a sleep. He told me that at 4 a.m. you will hear a knock on the door. At 3 a.m. your clock will stop and many more things from the movie.

I went to sleep upstairs with my parents. Even when I was laying down in the middle of the bed surrounded by my mom and dad, I could not get a peaceful sleep. From time to time I checked if my legs were out or whether the window was closed or if the clock was still working. I waited for a KNOCK on the door (it did not ever come. I guess my brother felt asleep before he could knock and make me paralyzed). I do not know when I feel asleep.

Next morning came my witty brother with a smile saying, “Had a good sleep..ha?”. How furious I was!

Lastly, stay safe. Stay happy.

Love ya!!

[P.S: A dog just barked when I started writing this blog. What a coincidence! Now it’s all cold and silent as it was before.]

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