I Badly Need You

Ice Cream Parlor…

It’s intensely scorching outside and it’s heat can be felt inside too. It’s almost 37 degrees. Unbearable! Though I have experienced standing under a 40 degrees sky while I used to walk back home from school and once while my very dear mother made me stand outside in an intolerable summer noon because I got half the marks I expected in mathematics in class three (She is more serious about marks than about me! And from that day I knew she doesn’t love me!).

Well, when it’s scorching outside, you feel like jumping directly into a pool and staying there until the sun finally decides to calm down. But in my case I can do nothing except imagining to swim in a cold blue water. We are still under a lockdown with all pools closed and everyone is forbidden to go out and I have never been so lucky to have a pool built at home (My father is a professor and professors don’t build pools I guess!). Okay, I thought I would adjust. I am very generous, you know. So I just thought to divert my mind from pools to ice creams. But where on earth will I get an ice cream? All shops are closed and people are forbidden to go out. But I badly need it. I feel so furious looking at the ice cream picture I myself have put on my blog. I am imagining licking an ice cream. My tongue gets colder and my body calms down too. But imaginations do not soothe you much. They make you want things more. Oh! I want it so much!

Well, I can not tolerate the heat any longer. I would love to jump off my bed and turn on the A.C. and I tried doing so but again my dad said, “The bill would be high. you are using it the whole day long. In our times we did not even have electricity and you are at such ease these days.” Well, listening to this the first thought that came to my mind is that, when at night it was around 30 degrees, you would happily turn on the A.C. and now it’s 37 degrees when the bills are high. Moreover, is it my fault that you lived in some isolated, hidden, small, damp village where you had no electricity even in the twentieth century? And man, how can you reject the idea that we have Global Warming too. When you had no electricity, the sun used to be kinder!

Anyways, I have understood well that I have to adjust with this heat, sweat, stickiness. Eww! I feel so sticky. Nevermind, I am very generous, you know!

Lastly, stay safe. Stay happy.

Love ya!!

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