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The Untitled Magazine

I Cannot Read…

For the past four days I have noticed that most of the viewers are tired of everything just like me. Like I am tired of just eating, sleeping and studying, the viewers are tired of liking, viewing and following. And if you aren’t tired then PROVE IT!!

Anyways, jumping into the blog, doesn’t the title look quite mysterious? Aha! I thought to make it so, so that you won’t get tired anymore! Now what comes to our minds thinking of an untitled magazine? I do not understand magazines quite well. May be its just because I am seventeen or it might be that I never tried to understand them but it is quite obvious that I do not understand them. Everything looks too unorganized and I get puzzled up in the maze (I would rather love to look up for a Ruskin Bond).

Every magazine cover has a big bold title (and many more scribblings so that you get lost in the cover itself) but the magazine I am talking of has none. It is you who is supposed to write it down. Now if I ask you to title your life on the basis of all the days you have lived so far, what would it be? Looks like life too is an “UNTITLED MAGAZINE”, too weird to understand sometimes. Sometimes you get lost in the maze of so many scribbles and sometimes you keep staring at a beautiful image. Some magazines have a bald cover, some has glamorous ones. What if every life on this earth is like a vacant book where we write things down, decorate it, scribble, and stare. In the end we write down it’s title and that defines the end of our life. We leave the magazine for nobody to read but just to stay forever somewhere, in some unknown nook. We do not wait for somebody to speak our story for nobody might know it. So we write it down. The person preparing the pages most beautifully would leave with a smile when he sees his book on his last day while the person leaving the pages vacant would perish in the end. Some magazines are never completed. Some people never write the “TITLE” they are meant to. Leaving the rest of the pages vacant, they leave the world in a complicated hurry.

Can you imagine! So many beautiful magazines with so many unknown stories lie in some hidden corner which would never ever be disclosed yet stays there forever. Life gives us facts, success, failure, love, happiness, sadness and strength to decorate our pages. It always gives us a chance to write down a “TITLE”. Do not loose it for any sake, not for any pain you go through.

Lastly, stay safe. Stay happy.

Love ya!!

Published by skylinerise

In search of life...

6 thoughts on “The Untitled Magazine

    1. Ooh yeah I knew you weren’t tired😊😊…but some other viewers are😕
      Thnx a lot for reading my write ups😊😊😊 and I love reading yours too. They are just amazing. And your title is superb.
      My title would be “a little spark who wished to shine” and guess what, my real name is synonymous to a spark 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Yeahhh…I won’t stop writing😊😊😊…thnx for support.
    I wish I could say my name🥺…but nobody knows that I write…not even my friend or family…so I have kept myself somewhat hidden. I could have told you my name if the comments were private🥺🥺.

    Liked by 1 person

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