Untamed Roads

Lost Directions…

A road is something that leads to. It may lead to a place, to some destiny, in someone’s heart and many more places. But what if you travel on a road you have lost the directions to?

Where do the roads end? With the Horizon? Where does it leads to? I do not know. In every second of life, we choose a road. Like, as of now, I have chosen to sit down and write. I have taken a road. A moment ago I was thinking of my career. I took another road. Just as we have highways as well as small lanes, life too has similar options. Gradually small lanes read to a huge broad highway. Similarly, small decisions lead to a grand one. Sometimes we may loose our way and get lost. Have you ever got lost in life where you do not know what to do and which fucking “ROAD” to take? I am sure you have. Everyone has at some point or the other.

The road to life has forever been UNTAMED. With no pre-positioned milestones or road signs, with no predefined rules or directions, we no definite destination, we travel through it. We are supposed to set our own milestones, set up our own rules and limits, define our own destination. It often happens that the destination you plan might not be the destination you reach. It might happen that you reach a broader highway or a smaller lane or you may even get lost in the maze.

That’s all is life, travelling through the untamed roads, setting milestones, defining destinations, loosing direction, getting lost and again another journey to find the lost roads. How amazing the maze is! We are all struggling within the maze to reach our own defined destinations. While in the maze, we sometimes feel it painful, sometimes happy, sometimes lonely and sometimes surrounded.

lastly, when your road stops, your life reaches it’s end. None can find where the roads end. Maybe it fades with the HORIZON.

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In search of life...

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