The Black Mirror

Two Stories…

According to me, there are two sides of us. One that gets easily reflected and the other that never does. I call it the BLACK MIRROR. A normal mirror reflects all the way you look from outside but the black mirror does not reflect, rather hides. It hides the deep cuts, pains, secrets, emotions of life. It hides all that you can never reflect. It hides all the stories of your past that made you be what you are.

The black mirror in our hearts need not be removed. It is the most important thing of a human soul. The many times you fall, the many times you cry alone, the many times you feel its pain, the many times you know yourself better. The Black Mirror hides the real you behind the shield of blood and bones. When we stand in front of a mirror, we see ourselves, well dressed, tied up hair, smiling. But every time you would stand in front of the Black Mirror it shows you untidy, your hair not cared, your smile faded and cheeks drenched in tears of deep anguish. These are our two sides and I know everyone has it in them.

There may be no human who has never seen a black mirror. There may be no human who has never seen pain and suffering. There may be no human who does not hide any darkness behind his black mirror. Our faces and behavior might be deceiving most of the times. We are all actors. We might be screaming within yet standing with a beautiful smile on our faces, we might be totally broken yet fooling our brains that we have hope. Yes, it is totally important to fool our brains that everything is okay and we just need to keep going, but we must also learn to accept the fact that everything is not okay, for you can fool your brain but not your heart.

The best thing to do is to accept the truth and speak to your heart, “All is well, everything’s gonna be okay”. Such mysterious is our world! There are so many people and in everyone’s heart lies a black mirror telling a different story. With that story we live forever, with the black mirror we survive. The dark secrets of our life, which can never be spoken, resides behind its black reflection. The material world shows us a mirror which simply reflects whatever we see but the psychological world hides a mirror which vails everything it sees.

How amazing! Can you think?

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