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Raw Emotions-Can’t Stop Staring At You

Why Are You Always Attractive…

I am in Love! I am in Love! I am in love!

In love with with a bread. A bread that brings all happiness together. A bread that makes your mouth drip. A bread that can make you fight with your siblings. A bread of joy and mystery. Pizza, especially an Italian recipe, is loved all across the world. It suits any person at any moment. Be it a house party or a Netflix night or a lonely evening or a super chilled Sunday morning, You can always have a pizza on stock. When I heard of pizza for the first time, and that too was long long ago, the pizza craze was not as good and fair as now and dominos might not be making such huge profits then. It was a friend’s birthday and we had dominos only in big dusty cities so they had ordered a kind of pizza from a local restaurant. The bread was hard, the cheese was smelly, the veggies were unfaithful on top and I never liked the whole thing at all. From then I had developed a deep unwillingness towards this cheesy monster until a few years ago I came across the REAL PIZZA.

Well, I am a person who loves to eat. I eat less in quantity but would love to have a variety. I love tasting new foods and get really furious if they dissatisfy my tongue (oh! I love my tongue so much!). Whenever I order pizza, it’s just the regular one (and that too I have to share with my family. How mean!). I would never ever be able to finish a huge large sized pizza. Well, my friends laugh at me for this reason but of course that is me and that is my tummy. I can’t possibly help.

While corona was a little on break and situations seemed to calm down, I had pizza ordered several times for I wasn’t allowed to fill my stomach with anything from outside the house due to the ridiculous virus. But again corona is on peak and I had to break up with all my favorite stuffs. Oh! how I miss them.

Whatever it may be, I would jump into a pizza store as soon as all this gets over (still I would prefer to have a regular sized one). The overwhelming cheese has been calling me for so long. I, as if, want to swim in the ocean of cheese all around. But then I would feel sticky so I must discard the idea.

Lastly, stay safe. Stay happy.

Love ya!!!

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