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Endless Love And Desire

A Love I Cannot Name…

Your fragrance soothes my heart. You taste like heaven. I have the utmost desire to get you. I love you from morning till eleven.

Yep, it is a love blog. A love between me and my chocolate pastries. A bond forever made and can never ever be broken. A bond of pure love and desire. Oh! I can not explain how much I want it, how much I need it. If I would ever get a chance, I would love to run chocolate in my nerves (I do not care until I am alive). I love chocolate so much. Even while I am seeing the image put on the blog cover, my mouth keeps watering. For people who do not love chocolate, I have a personal grudge against you.

Now basically I am not too much of a SWEET-LOVER. My tongue really gets weird on eating a lot of sweet (I cannot tolerate too much sweetness in anything). But I love chocolate and most importantly chocolate pastries fill my heart and even more than that dark choco filled pastries are my favourite (somewhat like the one in the picture above). Due to the terrible pandemic and a year long lockdown, I had to take a break from meeting my pastries but my love for them grew even more. I have started missing them so much. My seventeenth birthday last year went unfortunately in lockdown (as well as this year too it’s gonna be the same). I had asked my dad to get me a dark forest cake. I do not know from where he brought what for me but from what I could see, it was nowhere close to a dark forest. Now I cannot blame him for that. He had no idea how a dark forest exactly looked like and the shopkeeper fooled him. Well, having a kind heart I have forgiven him long ago.

This year too my birthday will be spent in lockdown. I am literally unhappy as it is my eighteenth birthday (oohooo I am gonna be an adult). I had always wanted to celebrate my eighteenth one cozily but that would not be possible. I have been asking my dad to discuss the cake with me but he is too much unwilling (I would never forgive him this time if he makes another mistake again). I have always been very serious about cakes and will always be. So if you are bringing a cake for me, be it my birthday or a house party or my marriage, you must be very careful about the cake you bring or else I might slay you.

Ending on a good note, as I know nobody loves reading long articles, food is the love of my life and chocolate is my desire, my TRUE LOVE.

Lastly, stay safe. Stay happy.

Love ya!!!

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