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The Ninety Nine Parts

Life Has To Offer…

If I ever ask you in how many parts can you divide your life till the present day or if I ask you to define every part of your life by a name what would it be?

Life shows us parts. In a verse or story we write it down. Some are happy, some are tragic, some unintentional and some quite serious. The tale of every life may not be told to everyone. Every life has a tale which can never be told to anyone. We call it “THE TOP SECRET”. Every day, every incident, every moment is new to us and stays for a microsecond, then passes away. Currently I am writing. A second later I will write a different word. An hour later I will do a different thing. A day later I might be in a different mood or a different situation. A year later I may be at a different place doing different things. I do not know. How amazing..isn’t it? We are all in a play. The play which has no scripts to offer, multiple roles to play, several parts to shoot. We are all the actors of a single play yet so different.

This currently reminds me of Shakespeare’s “All the World’s a Stage”. Yes, it definitely is. While I sit down to write on a cloudy summer noon I feel it so hard on my nerves that within a microsecond, the present becomes past, the future becomes present. We spend most of our time thinking about the future and perishing for the past and loose the present meanwhile. My dear friend, this cloudy, gloomy day makes me think that whatever we think of or perish for is the future that still has time to come or a past long gone, not realizing that the present we are in needs attention.

The maze of past, present and future makes me crazy. I am just seventeen yet I have crossed seventeen years of my past life. I do not know how much more I shall live, I want to make every PRESENT MOMENT beautiful. So that when on my last day when I look back, I leave my body with good memories and a peaceful mind. No matter how long I live, I wish to live happy not making every moment as gloomy as the sky right now. Dark clouds may come and go, my work would be to bring the sunshine.

Some people may have thousands of parts to play in their lives but even if I have only Ninety Nine, I wish to make each of them beautiful.

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