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Sunny On a Sun-Kissed Island On a Sunday


I have always dreamt of moving to some island one day all alone, spending time with the nature and the sea, watching the endless sky fade beyond the horizon and the sunbeams tan my tired skin.

Ofcourse it’s all a part of my imagination where everything is favorable. Nobody would ever provide you warm tasty food, pure tasteless water, a soft cozy bed for the night in such a lonely island I am talking of (and nobody would protect you from being a lion’s dinner as well). But imagination needs no bound, so I can go as I wish (doesn’t matter if it’s 3000 km away from reality). The name of my imagination-island with lots of palm trees on top and dandelions and sunflowers at the bottom is THE SUN-KISSED ISLAND. Surrounded on all the four sides with lush blue water and covered on top with the endless blue sky like a lid. Huge rocks and stones cover the shore. The white lashing waves break their heads on them. The wrecks of some unknown boat bind a part of the endless coast. With no houses or a single human, alive or dead, Sunny is all alone. She lays on the warm sand that heats her body added to the heat of the sun. In all she is “Sun-Kissed” on Sun-Kissed island. Her eyeballs roll towards the sea as she exclaims, “oh look how beautiful you are! Why can’t you be mine?!”. She stands up and looks at the huge tree shading a part of the island. Two little larks sitting on a branch, look quite alone just like Sunny. Sunny walks as she explores the beauty of the untouched place. It’s just as she used to dream….lonely, quiet, peaceful and green. Crossing the company of trees, she ends up in somewhat open space and guess what she sees. Lots of sunflowers all around her, she picks one of them and feels like the Sunflower Queen of the island. The flowers, as if looking at her and bowing their head in honour.

That night on the island was mesmerizing. Sunny knew she would go back to the old, busy city tomorrow. It was just her imagination. But she has already fallen in deep love with the place. She doesn’t want to go back.

She was awake for most part of the night. She couldn’t sleep. The island tried hard to make it’s Sunflower Queen sleep. The sky showed different colors dyed in blue, black, violet and many more. The stars seemed to smile at her. The larks sang their most beautiful song but she couldn’t sleep. Hypnotized by the magical experience, she kept awake.

What a beauty. The Sun-Kissed Island welcomed Sunny with all it’s warmth at day and nurtured her with all its colors at night.

Sunny went back to her old, dusty city as she woke up from her imagination.

And got back to blog her experience for you guys.

Love ya!!

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