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Redox Couples

Not the Chemical Ones

No, not the chemical ones. In reality redox couple refers to those oxidation and reduction half reactions that ultimately make up the complete one. But okay, let’s not get there. It is such that I have just now come up with a new way of thinking of REDOX COUPLES which is just not so chemical.

Not quite tough neither easy to explain the concept, let us assume us to be ions wanting to get stabilized. While the ions exist in their ionic form they wish to turn into a stable compound. But sometimes it doesn’t happen. In some cases the compound they make results to be unstable and quickly breaks off. While in some cases, the resulting compound is so strong that you cannot break it at all and requires a huge amount of energy to do so. Isn’t it the same with relationships?

I hope it is so or atleast there are quite a lot of common things between the two.

People who are yet to be converted to a compound moves like ions in search of the perfect ion to be paired with, with the hope of getting stabilized. In certain cases their reaction does not happen at all and the chemistry ends before it ever begins. The next group of ions find their partners, make a pair with them, gets happy-happier-happiest for sometime but alas the bond never gets too strong. Easily breakable and eventually gets broken. The last group of people find their partners and slowly and gradually make their bonds stronger. With more time given to overlapping of emotions and understanding (no hurry!!) they eventually become a perfect compound (well nobody has ever been perfect, but we can atleast assume them to be quite around perfectness). These compounds with unbreakable bond goes a long way together, not letting the other person detach but attaching to one another in every moment of the journey. Even a huge outside force or attraction or energy is unable to break them apart. Their chemistry is so well set and exists forever.

Feeling quite wonderful how everything can be related to anything. Every person has a different chemistry of their own. Every bond defines a new mode of attraction. But there is one more thing to be discussed. Now, why are some bonds so strong and why are others really weak? Well as in chemistry, the strength of the bond develops over several factors and so does in relationships. The attractions you develop for each other, the kind of ion you are and the kind of ion you have formed a bond with etc. defines its strength.

Just like two half reactions, or what we call REDOX COUPLES make up a complete reaction together, two people with a strong bond and understanding can make lives beautiful and better. They make each other complete. They have a strong attraction that never fades away. They go together a long way. I call them the “REDOX COUPLES”.

[P.S. I do not like studying chemistry at all]

stay safe. stay happy.

love ya!!!

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