What Love Has To Offer

A Feeling Never Felt Before

Look, now I am not a love expert or any relationship adviser. Honestly speaking, I am a teen. But over the 18 years of my journey, I have experienced some issues that maybe many of you did not. Every single human being on this earth has a different story to tell. While our stories are all different, we have lots to offer to each other. Here I thought of discussion the most important question passing my mind. Some of them has no answers to me. I would love to find some answers through the observation of the viewers.

Lily has always been a fearless girl. As cheerful as the sunshine, can bring smile on anybody’s face, is lively, a bit careless and can’t tolerate to see anybody in trouble. She had no fears, no boundaries, until she felt the feeling SHE HAD NEVER FELT BEFORE. In love, She has often felt to have made her own boundaries and set up her own limits. She has started fearing the one thing of loosing the person she loves. This makes her rather timid, watch every step of her life and turn back to check whether she did make any mistake that would make her partner unhappy, cross check every moment that she lives and fear the consequences that may arise drifting them apart. She does not know whether this feeling is normal. She doesn’t know whether she should be feeling like this. Situations, fear and boundaries have made her so different. They check her every step, they make her fear every moment.

The girl who used to be her own ruler has now been slaying herself for no reason. Whenever it’s the matter of her relationship, she is scared. While love makes us do things that we never ever would have done for ourselves, it may kill us from within. It’s not that Lily is not happy. She is when her partner is. It is as if the authority of her happiness has been given up to him. Is it his fault? Or is it hers?

The answer is still unknown. She dies in this terrible mess everyday but wakes up with the hope that a bright morning shall start again. She loves the feeling of love but hates the complications in it. She doesn’t want to make her love, the only reason she is living for. She wants to love him not to fear him. She wants to feel free, she wants to be cheerful again. While she was the girl who used to bring a smile on everyone’s face now has no smile on hers. Mysterious though, she cries every night. She fears every morning….Will he ever go?

Mysterious life. Isn’t it? And more mysterious is love. But why?

It is because love is something we cannot control. It depends upon the feelings of both the partners involved. Now if your partner looses his feelings for you, it isn’t your fault right? But you will be the one suffering. In love, you often cannot predict what’s next. So you always ask yourself…What’s next? And definitely get no answer in return. Love is a feeling that does not depend on you. Suppose you build a beautiful house and want to stay there forever. You love your house a lot. You decorate it with all you wealth and might, with all you love and passion, with all that you have!! But, can you stop an earthquake that might break it down to pieces? Will you be asked whether the earthquake should come or not? The utmost thing that can happen is that you will be made aware of it and will be asked to leave you BEAUTIFUL HOUSE where you have put all you effort and money.

You will never be asked whether your heart should be broken or not. But it may happen. You will cry and suffer even without your fault. That is life my dear, and that is love which makes everything so mysterious.

love ya!!

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