The Future Equation

Equations Forever Do Not Hold

I have always tried to connect things and situations happening at every moment of my life but couldn’t find the EQUATION that defines it.

Often heard that everything in the nature around us has symmetry. Guided by facts and figures, there are a several ways to prove it. Heard of rules governing our surroundings. Heard of equations controlling even the tiniest of the atoms. Then there must be equations guiding us and our lives, our fate and destiny, our thoughts and beliefs, our past and future.

Ever tried to relate incidents of your life with one another? Are they all related or symmetrical? Do they fit in any equation? I wonder. When I sat down with all questions in my head and all incidents tangling in every neuron, I was totally confused and never ever found a path out. But can it be ever possible that whatever we do or decide maintains a certain equation. We are all guided by it and one who follows it perfectly, may knowing or unknowingly, would lead a tremendous happy life. Now tremendous happiness is hard to be defined just because it is hypothetical but suppose you acquire it. Who the hell in this world would not try to be happy?

Suppose we follow every step the equation takes us, where will it lead to? What will happen if we one day crack the fussing mystery of it? Will we be forever IMMORTAL or HAPPILY EVER AFTER? What if this equation is different for different people? What if we already know it subconsciously but cannot just define it or find it? What will we call this DISTURBING EQUATION? Shall we call it “THE FUTURE EQUATION”? Now I know it seems to be a very sci-fi blog and totally undesirable for some readers, while it can make some readers think about the matter for a few minutes and then jump up to the next blog. Whatever it may be, I just think the idea is not to be so easily discarded that whatever every single person does in this huge world is all guided by an equation.

We wake up, have a shower or make a cup of coffee, get ready and reach our workplaces or sit down at home doing some crazy stuff or end up going to school (of course the only option for a teen like me). While we perform every single job, we are actually following the equation of life and who knows, maybe your equation is totally different from mine.

Though I do not have much to say about this cause this was just an idea I was thinking upon and felt like sharing with you guys. If it looks like a bad idea, you may discard it or if it makes you feel good, you may keep it as well.

Lastly, stay happy. stay safe.

love ya!!

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