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Is “FOREVER” Long Enough

I wish “FOREVER” that you stay happy

Promise Darling…..FOREVER

Heard this phrase before? “FOREVER”?

Honestly I am just tired of this phrase….literally scared. This “FOREVER” has never been long enough for me. Thinking of the lasting capacity of “FOREVER” I decided to write on this. I do not mean to say that all “FOREVERS” are similar. Definitely not!! All of them have different longevity. Some of them may last for a few seconds, some a day, some a month and some truly define the power of “FOREVER” and stay life-long.

I do not know what “FOREVER” means, but when I say it, I mean a life time. If I say, I want you FOREVER…I mean it.

It’s always very easy to commit but really tough to keep it. It’s always easy to make promises but really tough to keep it. It’s really easy to say FOREVER but really tough to fulfill it. psychologically, It is human tendency to be swayed away by emotions at a point and loose it the next. We change our minds so often, jumping from one thing to another. Take for example me, even while I am writing this up, I keep on jumping from one thought to another about what I should write. So if you find my writings a bit wobbly, I apologize for that.

Yes, situations do define whether it is FOREVER or not and I agree that in some situations there is nothing you can do but break your promises. But while in other cases, you just break all your commitments just for a fight or because you love someone else and have no feelings for the person you are with. Well it is better to break off with the person you do not have feelings anymore or else you may end up faking everything. But I believe that if you truly love a person, you shall never ever loose your feelings for him/her no matter what happens. A deep love leaves a deep cut.

Regarding the “FOREVER” issue, I have seen many real life examples of people who have been together since childhood. They feel in love, fell more in love and more in love until a deep cut developed which never lets them separate. I have also seen relationships lasting for a few months, well, even a few days also.

While couples get married, they go along for long, in most cases a life time. They do not even dream to separate. But when people are in love and not yet married, any small fight seems to separate them. Here I wanna ask a question. Why? Does marriage has some magical powers in it. Marriage is just a vow to be together FOREVER. Such vows are even made while in a relationship. So why do we take the same vow too seriously after marriage and not before it?

One of the possible reasons according to me is, after marriage it is difficult to separate. You think of your partner, your children (if you have), your family and your responsibility towards all of them. While in a relationship, It’s quite easy to break off as you do not have to think of any of them. The real matter lies in making EFFORT. In a marriage couples try to make as much EFFORT as they can to keep the family happy, to keep themselves happy. In a relationship, once you are unhappy you say GOODBYE.

Huh, I have talked too much now, do not wanna make the readers unhappy. so the conclusion is the longevity of the “FOREVER” lasts not only on situations but on our EFFORTS. Efforts from both the sides. People who stay together forever may seem like a fairytale, but they are not. They too face problems but makes effort to overcome it together.

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