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Immature or I’m mature

While you are still a teen and most likely to be about 18 (Which I am), a most reasonable thought crossing the mind is…am I mature?
Being 18 means you will be considered as an adult with all the rights that an adult has (of course your parents won’t give you those rights. You will always be a small baby for them) with rights to vote, have several government citizenship cards etc. But these are just a mark that makes you understand that you are 18 and if you haven’t been mature yet, please be a little fast, you are getting too slow.

Now , I will be 18 after a month and I really sit down to think whether I’m mature or immature. This brings me to the fact that it is very important to know what maturity actually means. Does it mean that as the clock strikes 12 and you are considered 18 you have to get out from all your childish behavior and start acting like an adult, you cannot steal your friend’s lunch anymore, you have to be more reasonable while making friends, you have to be more aware while loving someone and even if you have the legal right to get a little more closer to your beloved after the legal age of 18 , you cannot do so until marriage as you are a grown up now and has to be more REASONABLE!!! Well if all of these means maturity, I would rather prefer to be an infant.

Maturity, according to me, does not mean to loose all your childish emotions and behavior but to be able to think a little bit more, a little bit vast and wide day by day. From the time we are born, we start getting matured day by day, little by little. When you said your first word, when you set your foot for the first time, all these are the steps of maturity we have acquired from our childhood. Maturity never comes all of a sudden or it does not define boundaries. While you grow more, you see the world around you, you experience people, surrounding and environment and you get matured. Maturity cannot even be defined by age. A child younger than me can be more matured in mind than me or I may be more matured than a person older. Maturity develops by observing and feeling the world.

Your life experiences cannot be compared by age. What I have experienced you may not have. While we write the tale of our own lives, we experience it as well and that experience makes us matured. The tale we write does not see whether we are 18 or not and whether we are still childish or whether we are ready for it. Actually if you are ready for an experience, you won’t get the real feel about it. A real experience comes when all of a sudden you face a situation and fight it.

At the end I would love to say that yes, I have a MATURED CHILDISH behavior. On one side I deal with a child within me and on the other I can feel a person slowly getting matured over time. As of me, being 18, I do not have any intentions of suddenly being an adult as the clock strikes 12 a month later.

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5 thoughts on “Immature or I’m mature

  1. Profound! I wrote a post regarding this too. Hi-fi we’re the same age! Just few months apart. It’s crazy to associate maturity with a certain number and I’m glad the world is slowly growing out of that. People need to realise that we aren’t yet full-fledged adults at 18 and most certainly won’t be for a few more years, unless your experiences shape you into someone else. Some people go through immense hardships and that ripens them before their time. Sadly, childhood is limited. But fortunately, it does not end at 18. No. Again, lovely post! 😊

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    1. Heyy!! So happy that we are of the same age!! I will surely visit your post! It would be really really helpful if you kindly share your post link with me! I am waiting to read it out…please do share😊❤✌

      Liked by 1 person

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