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The waves lashed on my skin and I
Cannot know where the sea meets the heaven
This endlessness has been there forever
And will stay a thousand years more, I know
The breeze touches my hair, past my neck
It’s freshness I still behold
Many wonders hidden in this deep blue
To which no one had access before.

The footprints I leave behind
Shall be covered up by the waves so soon
The sea lets no scratch to be left
And so it’s clean and beautiful
The pacified clouds when suddenly grow dark
The sea rages itself in a violent fight
But then it’s again still and calm
It’s beauty still abide.

The rocks over the coast can’t be softened
The sea knows it well
So when it wets the rocks over the coast,
It expects no grass to grow on them.
Both the endless meet together
As they have been for a thousand years now
It’s because the sea meets not the sky
But the heaven and go along.

Lifeless although it may seem enough
I think, as I walk over the coast, alone
The endless have seen the lives of many
They know all wonders that they hide
The violence, rage, madness on each page
Expresses itself in high and low tide.

———–By Skylinerise

Published by skylinerise

In search of life...

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