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A fairytale

While we were small, our parents or grandparents used to tell us stories of princesses who had to struggle a lot but the ending was always in their favor. Being so used to having a good ending from our childhood, it gets worse to know that reality witnesses bad endings as well.

While we heard in the Cinderella story that her godmother appeared to save her at the right time, I wonder if some heroic entry would be there while I am in trouble. Maybe yes, maybe no. At the end the prince falls in love with the princess and they live happily ever after but in reality do we always get the person we love? I wonder. And even if we do so, is it possible to live HAPPILY EVER AFTER, cause in my life troubles come and go just like exams, too frequent.

I too had been told that life will be HAPPILY EVER AFTER once I get what I want, I too was fooled with all the princess stories like many other children. The truth is that life never gets “happily ever after” because we never stop wanting. Once we get, we want more and more and again more. Don’t we?

While the sleeping beauty woke up when kissed by her prince, I may sleep forever. While snow white was saved by the seven dwarfs, I may be totally alone in trouble. Cause I am a girl with my own FAIRYTALE, where exists no prince, no dwarf and no godmother. Everyday I fight my own wars and I do not know if tomorrow I shall wakeup.

We all live our own fairytales, make our own stories, play our own roles which is totally different from the ones our grandmas told us. We write our own story, we write our lives. Is it any less than a FAIRYTALE?

Maybe our tales always do not have a “HAPPILY EVER AFTER” ending or maybe always a prince doesn’t some to wake us up, but the tale we write is difficult cause it’s not just a tale to be told to the children but the way we write our lives….

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5 thoughts on “CAN LIFE BE A FAIRYTALE

  1. How amazing do fairytales make us feel!!!! My fairytale would be to be able to tour the world and meet new people without anything holding me back. It’s a cliche but heart wants what it wants

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    1. Yaaaa….I too am a travel-lover. Wanna tour the world without thinking of anything…wanna visit a beautiful valley from where the whole city can be seen and shout to myself that ” I LOVE MYSELF” and no one can ever hurt me….no one…


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