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I have heard that time heals. But does time separate?

I have already heard vows of being together forever and ever no matter whatever happens. Similar vows done by all “Romio-Juliet” but how many of them can actually keep their vows?…

Time does not separate anyone. We get separated with time. To make this clear let’s have a beautiful example, even when two people separate they still remember each other, all those time spent, all those memories made together (only if they really loved each other) years after years. Why do we remember over such time spans if time is the reason people separate?

Just think of any one of your oldest friends whom you may not be in touch with now but had a great time together years back, or think of a person you loved long ago but his/her memory still resides in your mind . Do these memories still make you feel lonely? Do they make you want those times back again? Have you really separated from that person over time?….The answer lies within you.

When I look back to my childhood, I think of many of my friends lost in time whom I may never get back. I am not in touch with them and I do not even remember their names ( of course that is not my fault, we separated long ago when I was maybe in kindergarten or something and now I am in high school, well I should have been in college but for the covid situation our exams are being delayed). What I only remember a little is my kindergarten school ground where we used to play together, share food and peep through the small hole on the back wall.

Well to make things clear, let me explain what I mean by “two hearts”. These two words confuse a lot. When ever we talk of hearts, the first thought striking our mind is all about love affairs. Of course that might be one possibility but while I address “two hearts” here, I mean “two people” who can be besties or couples or friends or siblings. Separation can occur in any of these cases and TIME may be regarded as one of the deciding factors of a relationship.

Yes, of course time is important in any phase of life. Time heals our wounds, heals the pain in our hearts, helps us to forget even the worst incidents of our life and even fades away many valuable memories. But time always cannot separate two people. If you regard somebody as really special to you, you cannot forget that person how so ever you try. If people start to forget others with time then it can be disastrous while you wake up one day and realize that you have forgotten who your mother is…

Memories stay for ever, even if we try to forget some. The harder we try, the more we remember…

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