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Oxygen Shortage In India

India, the country with second largest population in the world is facing a tremendous hazard. The situation is horrible. With such a huge population it is truly a tedious and almost impossible job to stop the spread of corona virus. Indian media claims that the daily cases of covid-19 has reached to 4 lacks but the ground reality is far more shocking. According to some sources the daily covid cases are as high as 15 lacks daily and it would reach upto 35-40 lack cases per day by the mid of may.

Let us now talk of the present scenario. Getting a bed in a hospital is like a boon for the infected patients. There are no beds left to support such a huge number of affected people. People have been told to look after themselves at home if the cases does not seem to be much critical cause we need hospital beds for critical patients. But unfortunately we do not even seem to have beds left for the critical.

Media shows many people lying on the floors of the hospitals cause we are not able to handle such huge number of cases. Our doctors are working day and night to make up for the situation. Salute to them. They have left their families, children and life to save others. Currently we are facing oxygen shortage. In most of the hospitals there is a current capacity to support the patients with oxygen only for 2-3 hours. Many nations have come forward in providing oxygen to the country. We are really grateful to everyone.

We are even facing a shortage of ambulances to take away the dead. Our nation has witnessed horrible situation where the patient’s family is carrying the dead body in a motorbike. the covid affected dead body has been made to sit in between two family members on a motorbike to be cremated. We have also seen the inhuman behaviour where a dead body has been left by the ambulance in front of the house gate, a terribly shameful act.

Apart from a shortage of hospital beds and oxygen supply we are even facing a shortage of burial ground. From these situations one can clearly understand the devastating impact of corona virus on India. The situation is out of our hands. We all pray for everyone’s quick recovery. May everything gets back to control and smile returns to our faces. Hoping for the best I pray to God.

Stay safe. Stay careful.

Follow rules to save other’s as well as your life.

Life is most precious. Do as much as you can to save.

A mask is a must.

Pray for India.

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