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We Are Still Fighting Bravely

April 28,2021
20:37 p.m.

Its been a rainy day, I am locked at home, thinking of my friends suffering from covid and their families too. My closest friend has been suffering from fever for the last four days. His reports have not yet arrived. Feeling really worried for him though I know we all must be strong. Waiting for his one message that he is fine, Praying to God every time to get him well. To let my mind a bit away from the worldly worries, I finally decided to write down my feelings.

Here in India nothing is going right. People loosing their members any time. We are even facing a shortage of burial grounds apart from the shortage of hospital beds and the most essential oxygen cylinders. Today there was no electricity and my internet connection has been terrible since morning.

Our country has been facing a disastrous situation due to the pandemic. With lacks of people being infected daily, it has become almost impossible for the government to resist the situation. Experts are expecting a hue surge in the number of daily cases in the coming days. We are worried. Worried about us, our families, friends and loved ones and our nation. I cannot just explain the condition of our hearts, It’s just unexplainable. But sitting within our locked doors what we can do is just pray. I would request all readers to please pray for us, our country. With shaking hands and tears in my eyes and prayer in my heart I am writing this blog.

I do not know how much I have been able to express but the grief and fear that actually lies in our hearts is far more tremendous.


High school student

We are fighting this terrible war. We all are fighting. Our doctors, helpers, citizens, suppliers, government, everyone is fighting. Salute to all those people who have put their lives at risk to save ours. I just want everyone to pray for our people. A prayer to God can remove all fear and grief and put everything back to place.

At the end I wish all to stay safe and indoors for your safety and others too.

Stay safe. Keep safe

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