Hello people,

My calendar shows me it’s a “LET’S TALK THURSDAY”. So I have decided why not share my day with you guys.

Basically, I am a high school teenager and many people find teenagers very annoying. Well, I know only interested people(I know most of them are going to be teenagers themselves) are going to read this blog till the end.

Beginning with the day, I woke up at 8 cause I slept the other day at 3’o’clock, I went up to my bedroom thinking of one of my friend who has been ill for the past three days. I was still worried while sitting at my study table cause my friend had a high fever and any type of fever seems dangerous in 2020-2021.

I spent my morning studying a bit, worrying a bit and fighting with my parents a lot more(they always tell me to study…and always means always!!). Mostly my days are boring. I wake up spend my day sitting at my table either studying or thinking or worrying and sometimes totally blank.

It’s around 9 p.m. now and I do not remember anything worth telling. I wrote 3 blogs today(including this ofcourse and go check out the others) and did nothing good the whole day. Seems like I am a “thing” and not possibly a “living human”.

If you find this blog really boring do give a like(for the tried my best to pen down even the most boring things in an interesting way).

stay safe. take care.

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