Hello people reading my blog,

Being a newbie I am quite unsure of what to write but I have an abode of thoughts tangling in my head most of the times. With nobody to share, I have found my way out to blogging where I feel some interested, similar-minded, unknown people may have a look at my imagination mixed with reality. I am still at high-school, sitting at home during this pandemic, hearing news of an unforgettable battle and kills and wounds, I find myself closed in my small room with all my mind captivated by thoughts and memories and pent up feelings. So here I come, like most of the other people,to find myself through writing.

As a child I had a dream to fly to space one day, to the mysterious land where I may find some new alien friends or may totally be alone. But I have always liked exploring and I wanted to study space. My parents came up with the idea to make my very “CHILDISH DREAM” come true and they decided to make me up for JEE(Joint Entrance Examination). Little did that small child know, this CHILDISH DREAM would change her life forever. When I was in standard nine, I was admitted to a coaching institute destined to become a future IITian. With good scholarship, I went on to study there. I studied for four long years and made my life what I never wanted to make it, “A SHITTY MESS”, competiting with everyone and everything, I don’t know how I spent the last four years of my life and still going on with the same practice.

I am truly tired. Sitting at home, still competiting with my thoughts, competiting with dreams, competiting with friends, compromising with happiness while I want to be happy and still carrying on the burden of fear of failure and success.

Who did ever thing a “CHILDISH DREAM” can turn up to a “HUGE MESS”. I didn’t. Cause that child is now gone but what she has left behind for me is to make up for this TERRIBLE MESS.

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In search of life...

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